Seeing Stars

Joe Sandy with Dustin Pari (TAPS) & John E.L. Tenney (Ghost Staulkers).  Taken during an investigation of the Wayside Inn, 2014.

Lady with Child, Taken by Debbie Matos @ Wayside Inn.

Lady with Child

Reflection in a mirror located in the Ladies Card Room. While reviewing the photo you can clearly see the image of a lady with a child standing in front of her. Taken by Debbie Matos during a private ghost tour at the Wayside Inn Middletown, VA.


Novice Investigator

OMG Seriously?  I always Love the enthusiasm and excitement that a New investigator brings to the evidence review process.   This is an actual photo presented to me by a new investigator. The Circles represent the evidence seen by this person in the photo. Look for the T-Shirt by clicking the  Shop Now”  button at the bottom of most pages. Definitely HAS to be a T-Shirt!

Soldier Manifesting

Soldier Manifesting

John Kagey decided to walk into the middle of an encampment of Civil War soldiers during and investigation of the field behind the Wayside Inn. He saw with his naked eye and felt a spirit beginning to manifest beside him and immediately took this picture to capture this evidence. No one was with him. 

Wayside Inn

Proud Mother

In this photo you can see the image of what appears to be a Baby (some say African American) in the upper left hand pane and if you look closely you can see the image of an arm holding the baby up as if the mother were showing him/her off to us. Taken by Chris Simpson in the window of the slave kitchen at the Wayside Inn. 

John in Civil War Encampment

Spirits Rising

This image of what appears to be a spiritual mist was taken after John  upset the spirits by walking in to the middle of what was sensed to be an encampment of Civil War soldiers in the back field behind the Wayside Inn. 

Dinner with the Spirits

Dinner with the Spirits

This is a photo of our event at the Wayside Inn.  What a great night with Clay Smith (Author),  Joy Andreasen (Psychic), The S.A.P.S. Team and a Sold Out Crowd of 85. 


The Coachman

Image of a Coachman wearing a trench coat with caped shoulders that was taken in the window of the slave kitchen at the Wayside Inn by Lillian Martin.


Ghost Tour

This picture was taken during the Ghost Tour of the Wayside Inn during the Dinner with the Spirits event. After which we did an extended investigation for those who were able to join us. 


Harpers Ferry, WV Meet Up.

This photo was taken during one of our Meet Up events in Harpers Ferry, WV at the Hilltop Hotel. The Hilltop Hotel is a very active location with reports of children laughing and playing, footsteps of Civil War regimens walking the halls, objects moving and being touched. This is a privately owned property and not accessible to the public. What a great day with great people. 


Seeing Stars 2.1

During one of our Meet Up events we had a pleasant and unexpected surprise of running into Gordon Ramsey.  He was doing an episode of Hotel Hell and making over a hotel in Harpers Ferry, WV.  

You never know who you will run in to during one of our Meet Ups.

Harper's Ferry Cemetary

Harpers Ferry Meet Up

This photo was taken during one of our Meet Up events in a Graveyard in Harpers Ferry, WV.  The graveyard is the resting place of John Brown and his family. We met a very nice couple who joined us for the investigation. The young man was a skeptic, but by the end of the evening he was totally converted to a believer.  Getting scratched by a spirit to the point of drawing blood sort of has that effect.



Attended Hill-Con 2016 Paranormal Convention in New Castle, PA. Got to meet a lot of very cool investigators; got some tips on equipment, locations and attended a great presentation given by   Clay Smith.


Peering In

Meet Up event at Paddy’s Irish Pub, Charles Town, WV. This picture was taken in the second floor dining room.  If you look closely at the lower left window pane you can see a little girl peering in and watching everyone enjoy themselves. The picture was provided by the pub manager. 

will the real lorie johnson please stand up?

Met Psychic Medium, Lorie Johnson at Eastern Panhandle Paracon July 2018.

Green Orb

Green Orb

This photo was taken by Joe Sandy during an investigation of the Wayside Inn in the sub-cellar.  You can see the green orb surrounding the group. In 2 photos taken seconds after this one there was no orb present. 

Creekside Manor

Creekside Manor Investigation

The group getting ready for the investigation of Creekside Manor at KOA Campground Antietam Battlefield in Sharpsburg, MD. This was an extremely active location that has appeared in 3 Paranormal investigation programs and a number of horror films. It is said that the campground is built on a Native American Burial Ground and there was a very strong Native American presence. 

Red Orb

Seeing Double

This photo was taken during an impromptu investigation of room 16 at the Wayside Inn, Middletown, VA. You can see the double red orb that surrounds Tami, taken by Joe Sandy


Ghost Tour

This photo was taken during my Extended Investigation of the Wayside Inn, the night of our Dinner with the Spirits. 


Spook Hill

This photo was taken during our Meet Up event to investigate Spook Hill/Gravity Hill in Burkittsville, MD best known for the filming location of The Blair Witch Trial.  Spook Hill is a stretch of road where if you stop and put your car in neutral, your car will roll Up hill; the ghosts of Confederate Soldiers are said to be pushing you back up the incline. Rumor has it that the ghosts believe they are still at war and pushing cannons and artillery pieces. Judge for yourself and watch the Video I posted on our Facebook page of my experience.  

Go to: Facebook.com/SAPSInvestigations/  Click on Videos on the left hand side. 


The Gangs All Here

Well, Almost. Part of the S.A.P.S. group getting ready for an amazing night at Dinner with the Spirits at The Wayside Inn, Middletown, VA. 

Me and the Beautiful ladies from Twisted Paranormal, oh yeah and Lyle photo bombing us at Eastern Panhandle Paracon, July 2018.